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Our static online backup solution provides fixed blocks of storage space for your backup needs.  The cost per gigabyte is discounted to reflect the bulk purchase and gives you the comfort of knowing what your online backup solution will cost.  You can upgrade or downgrade to a higher or lower amount of storage space as your requirements change, charges will be pro-rate accordingly.

In order to perform your online backup and interact with Backup Junction's static block Business backup solution, it will be necessary to install one of our cross-platform backup clients.  Both solutions are written in Java, which means our software is compatible with all major operating systems, database servers, and the Microsoft Exchange messaging / collaberation platform (We support Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Novell operating systems.)

Backup Junction's static block business solution is available via two different feature rich backup client applications.  Please follow the article to see our table summarising the differences between the Advanced and Professional version.

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