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About Us

Web Solution Providers Limited, based in London, England was formed in 2010 by Alexander Cope-Norris.  The company carries no external debt, which we feel is an important requirement in the modern internet market place where companies frequently vanish without trace along with your own visible internet presence.  We also separate our domains with independent domain registrars to ensure that they are fully segregated from our own assets, and we host our server infrastructure with diverse external providers meaning we can instantly take advantage of alternative infrastructure partners should the need arise.

How We Started

The Company started as a software consulting company in the late 90s, providing software consulting and internet services to consumes and small to medium sized businesses.  With the popularity of Internet and the opportunities it brought, we decided to change our business focus and morphed ourselves into a cloud based internet service provider.

Our Vision

Our team is passionate about what we do and the service we provide and we work tirelessly to bring you not just web hosting, but a tailormade package of accompanying services all of which will provide a solid foundation to support and assist in the growth of your internet presence.  We have a very close working relationship with all of our clients which means, that by understanding your business and your business needs, we have a better understanding of your goals and objectives.  With, your relationship with us will be more than just a number, and with flexibility being one of our core strengths we are sure we can adapt not only ourselves but the services we offer to accomdate any need.

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